At Midnight Custom Cars we do both Lifted Trucks and Lowered Cars/Trucks. From Truck leveling suspensions to full lift installs by using a combination of spacers & flip kits, springs/struts, control arms and spindles from big name brands. For lowering a vehicle, you have an option of going static using lowering springs/struts or you can go air ride with air bags and air struts. Changing out the control arms will allow more adjustable camber. The air suspension set up gives you the ability to adjust your vehicle on the fly. It can be a manual system with dash mounted air gauges and switches all the way up to fully automatic to where multiple ride heights can be programed to suite your needs via a handheld remote.

For those wanting to step up their game for a custom or show car/truck we offer fully detail air management set ups. These include trunk base from designer wood, suede, vinyl or leather to match your interior. We also do custom covers for air tanks and compressors of various material and stitch patterns. The final custom set up would be doing aluminum or copper hard lines (both standard, brushed, polished or powder coated). To top it all off we do custom lighting effects using LED or fiber optic lighting. This really enhances the custom trunk set up.