Midnight Custom Cars Autobody Services

While Midnight Custom Cars doesn’t have a full autobody shop, we do however work on preparation and installing body kits. Most Fiberglass body kits do require some to a significant amount of fabrication to get the right fit and mounted. We have done several full body kits installs and give you to option of using one of our local body shops here in Lewisville to have the paint work completed. After painting we can install the finished kit.

We offer custom made front bumper and side skirt splitters made of 3/8” black ABS plastic. We fabricate each splitter to the contours of the existing bumper and side skirts for a custom look. We can either mount them while your car is in the shop or we can ship them to the Customer.

We also offer fender rolling for customers who need that extra fender flare to fit wider tires or to fit a higher camber angle on their suspension. This process allows for better clearance between the fender and your wheels and tires.