Custom Upholstery

One of the best ways to make the interior of your car or truck stand out is custom interior car upholstery. Consider doing custom seat upholstery as well as custom car interior roof lining if you’re on a mission to improve the appearance of the inside of your vehicle. Midnight Custom Cars offers the experience you need to transform the look of your car’s interior as well as the high-quality products to make it possible.

When you come to Midnight Custom Cars for custom interior car upholstery, we’ll help you choose the right material for the inside of your vehicle based on the design. We set you up with several materials, including factory cloth, leather, brushed suede, and more. We’re also able to add custom seat upholstery that features customized logos if you want to use our in-house embroidery machine. We even show you your options as far as custom car interior roof lining is concerned and talk to you about what a difference it will make in your specific vehicle.

It doesn’t matter if you’re simply trying to improve the interior of your everyday car or looking to enter your vehicle into car shows moving forward. The custom interior car upholstery services offered by Midnight Custom Cars will help you differentiate your vehicle from the rest. We’ll also provide you with top-notch customer service when you trust us to install custom seat upholstery and custom car interior roof lining. You’ll enjoy your experience all around and love the finished product when you get your car or truck back.

Reach out to Midnight Custom Cars in the Fort Worth and Dallas, TX area at 214-926-4936 for more information on our custom interior car upholstery options.